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The Comp X; Xcel’s Warmest Wetsuits Ever

In the lab and in the water, our Thermo Dry Celliant (TDC) wetsuit technology is proven to keep you warmer longer.

Here’s a little fact that, as surfers, we feel way more than most of the planet: the human body loses heat 25 times faster in water compared to air. And we all know, when our warmth goes, it takes our performance and fun with it. That’s why, at Xcel, we are committed to the core — especially your core — to creating the warmest, most technically advanced wetsuits in order to keep you in the surf longer. 

Enter our Thermo Dry Celliant® technology, available in all our CompX and Drylock wetsuits and jackets.

What is Thermo Dry Celliant® Tech?

Our Thermo Dry Celliant® (TDC) material has smart fibers that contain naturally occurring and thermo-reactive (heat activated) minerals that recycle body heat into infrared energy, which gives you more warmth, as well as a range of performance benefits.

“TDC’s infrared energy is a medically proven vasodilator,” says Lance Varon, Xcel Design Director. In fact, the FDA has designated Celliant products as medical devices, with an official Indication for Use (IFU) as “temporarily promoting increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals.” 

Okay, but what does all that mean for you when the waves are pumping and the temp is dropping? “It means it improves circulation and increases tissue oxygen levels, which in turn are proven to increase warmth and stamina, fend off fatigue, and quicken recovery times,” says Varon. Basically, less shivering, more ripping.

Backed by Data

Data might not be the coolest term to throw around in the lineup, but when it comes to creating a warmer suit, data rules the peak. And with TDC, the data verifies that it’s Xcel’s warmest wetsuit technology in our 40-year history. As a company that’s won multiple Wetsuit of the Year Awards, that’s saying something. “A lot of people make a lot of claims, so I wanted to back it up with testing,” says Varon. To do that, he hit both the lab and the ocean.

In the lab, tests were done using ultrasounds of the capillaries in the fingers of subjects wearing and not wearing wristbands of TDC material. After 10 minutes, the imaging showed a tenfold increase in infrared activity and increased oxygen levels in tissue by an average of 13 percent.

Varon was pretty stoked on those results, but also wanted to get reactions from Xcel team riders, so he sent TDC-lined wetsuits to team riders who surfed in the most extreme conditions. Importantly, he didn’t tell them about the lab tests or results. “Later, when I asked their opinions of the suits, their first comments were usually, ‘I don't know what's in this thing, but it's really warm,’” says Varon. That’s when he knew that he was onto something very special.

How TDC is Made

Thermo Dry Celliant® starts with a proprietary blend of minerals that are ground into a powder made of fibers 100 times thinner than a human hair. That powder is then used to create a masterbatch resin. This resin is then extruded into a filament that’s embedded into the cores of staple fibers, which are spun into the final TDC smart fiber lining.

“The cool thing is that because the Celliant is embedded in the fiber cores, it won’t wear or wash out. So it will last the life of your suit,” says Varon. He adds that TDC is also lightweight and features a four-way stretch, with water-repellent properties that make it fast-drying.

So, whether battling a stiff tradewind on a gray day in the tropics or braving semi-arctic waters in high latitudes, TDC technology is your weapon of choice. “In the surf world, it's always about being warmer and more comfortable so we can keep doing what we love to do,” says Varon. In short, it’s a lot easier to be committed when your core is nice and toasty.

Enter our Thermo Dry Celliant® technology, available in all our CompX and Drylock wetsuits and jackets.

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