Eco Initiatives at Xcel Wetsuits

Eco Initiatives at Xcel Wetsuits

We share one ocean, and one planet. It’s important to recognize that our actions have consequences, and that it’s possible to improve each day as both individuals and as a collective group to make our world better for the next generation.

At Xcel, we are not going to say that we have it all figured out just yet. Becoming more environmentally responsible is a journey that we are committed to take. As such, we know that the journey is never finished. But we recognize that there is still much that we have done to ensure that our wetsuits are made with care for our ocean and ecosystem in mind. Some of those are:

oyster shells xcel eco initiatives

Oyster Shells:

By repurposing oyster shells, we can reduce the amount of calcium carbonate when making neoprene. Instead of mining raw materials from the earth, we use recycled oyster shells which are a natural source of calcium carbonate.  The shells also include additional minerals that add further strength and durability, creating a longer lasting wetsuit.

doped dye yarn

Dope-Dyed Yarn:

Dope-dying is a process that creates color in yarn before it is spun, which greatly reduces the amount of water needed. In addition to less water used, there is far less excess dye that is wasted in the process.

plastic bottles recycled

Recycled Polyester:

Much of Xcel’s fabrics use recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. On average, 45 plastic water bottles are recycled to make one wetsuit. 

water based glue

Water Based Glue:

Our glue is made from a water-based compound instead of using solvents. This results in less toxic chemicals in our ecosystem. 

recycling process

Repair Service:

We offer many options for you to get repair work done to the wetsuit, rather than replacing it.  This keeps more material out of the landfill and less need to produce new gear. We have a network of facilities where you can get all types of repairs fixed without needing to throw away a perfectly good suit otherwise. To learn more, contact us here

Recycling Service:

All wetsuits will ultimately have to be retired, but that doesn’t mean their life will end. When you return our wetsuits to be recycled, we give them a new life as sandals, traction pads, and more. This means less waste in the landfill, and less raw materials used to make these other products.

Built to last:

Last but not least, Xcel wetsuits are built to a high standard. Through the use of innovative materials and construction, Xcel suits are one of the longest lasting wetsuits on the market. Over many years, this translates into needing to purchase a new suit far less often, which helps keep less new material and waste from needing to happen. Find your next Xcel wetsuit here

These are just a few of the initiatives we have at Xcel to help improve the way we interact with our ecosystems. It takes all of our efforts to care for our environment, but know that Xcel takes our role seriously and while there is more that can always be done, we have already come a long way.

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