“Engineered flexibility and lightweight warmth”

The Comp was last years best selling summer wetsuit for Xcel due to its lightweight performance, maximum stretch and affordable price tag.  Zero distractions in design, the one-piece back panel and plush Thermo Lite interior from chest to ankles make this a very lightweight, warm and flexible wetsuit option that is quick and easy to get in and out of if your surfing a heat or just in a rush to get in the surf. This wetsuit has become so popular that Xcel decided to produce it in four colour options Ivy Green, Chili Red, Cascade Blue and Black.

“Increased blood-flow with the ultimate flexibility”

When you pair only the essentials in wetsuit construction with the highest quality materials you get the Comp X, winner of the 2017 SIMA Wetsuit of the Year. The TDC materials featured from the chest to the ankles increases local blood-flow circulation, promoting quicker muscle recovery and supporting the heat you generate in the water.

“Team Favourite!”

When the guys saw the Xcel Comp X wetsuit in Camo appear in the catalogue, they were mega keen to get them on their order. The 2mm suit is so flexible that you can quickly jump into it, surf a heat, jump back out and hang it up to dry before smashing the finals 😉 

The TDC lining on the Comp X is super warm making a 2mm wetsuit superior in warmth to many of the 3/2 wetsuits on the market.

“Colour For The Kids”

The same suit as the men but with a youth template. Kids don’t want to wear suits that look like children’s suits so we matched the colours and designs so kids can look like the people they aspire to. 

Front Image


Front Image


Front Image


Front Image




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