Icelanders Elli Thor Magnusson and Heidar Logi invite an international cast of pro surfers to join them on a chase for some of Iceland’s remotest and perfect waves.


Xcel’s is not a fashion brand, we do not have extensive clothing lines or anything to distract us from our focus. We make wetsuits for all water temperatures and conditions from Hawaii to the Arctic Circle. Patented Celliant technology helps XCEL offer a unique unrivalled performance over its competition. Maybe this is why XCEL is a Three-time Wetsuit Of The Year winner.

Heidar Logi knows more than anything the importance of the best wetsuit when surfing in Iceland and that is why he puts his trust in Xcel – the cold water specialist. Heidars wetsuit of choice is the DRYLOCK X

Heidar was joined for this project by Conor Maguire who is one of Ireland’s best known big wave chargers and is no stranger to some cold water pin downs. Conor often chooses the 6/5 Infiniti Hooded wetsuit

Basque surfer Natxo Gonzalez is respected by many for his fearless approach, mixing a high level of performance technique with a powerful attack on the huge waves. Coming from warmer climates, he normally chooses the XCEL COMP X although he needed to take a DRYLOCK for this trip to Iceland.

What is the difference between the Drylock and the Drylock X?