Basque surfer Natxo Gonzalez (23) is delighted to sign a deal with Xcel Wetsuits.

When Mundaka gets big, Natxo is a regular face in the lineup and is respected by many for his fearless approach, mixing a high level of performance technique with a powerful attack on the huge waves.
Natxo is also the youngest surfer ever to qualify for the WSL Big Wave World Tour.

First ever perfect 10 point ride at Nazare

Natxo Gonzalez Perfect 10

Natxo González gets the first ever perfect 10 at Nazaré! 🤯#NazaréChallenge #BigWaveTour

Posted by World Surf League on Friday, November 16, 2018

Welcome to the XCEL team Natxo

Welcome to the XCEL team NATXO GONZALEZ!

Basque surfer Natxo González (23) is delighted to sign a deal with Xcel Wetsuits. Read more here

Posted by XCEL Europe on Thursday, November 15, 2018

It’s not just about big waves!

Natxo has a passion for exploration and the discovery of new waves. He travels the globe using Google Maps and isn’t afraid to take a chance. If he finds a spot and everything lines up, then he jumps on a flight, and the adventure begins.

As the news of his Xcel signing comes out, Natxo is also releasing the news of his new contract with Red Bull.

Natxo added:

“Red Bull are always up for projects and a massive help in Nazaré with jet skis and the hangar. It’s just the perfect fit and the best brand in supporting me in what I love doing be it chasing the biggest swells or discovering new exciting waves around the world”

Natxo, Red Bull Media House, FRIDAY and Jon Aspuru have already started working on a project together which will air in 2019. Stay tuned.

Photos and edit by John Aspuru


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