Photo: Mitxel Produkzioak

Made in the Basque Country

Natxo Gonzálezis is one of Europe’s most promising big wave surfers. With an apitite for travel and adventure, Natxo has followed his passion across the world in search for big barrels and good times with friends.

Photo: Mitxel Produkzioak

Documenting Natxo’s journey, Basque traditions and culture.

Natxo’s good friend Jon Aspuru has been there from the start and regularly follows with a camera to capture Natxo’s life and adventures. Jon’s new movie for Red Bull, “Made in the Basque Country” documents Natxo’s journey from humble beginnings, capturing the Basque culture, through inspirational friends, surfboard shaping at Pukas, community spirit and local traditions.

Episode 1 – Bizkaia

Meet up-and-coming surfer Natxo González and learn how growing up in the Basque Country allowed him to make big wave surfing his life’s passion.

Episode 2 – Gipuzkoa

From Mundaka, Natxo takes us on a journey through the sports, such as pelota and Harri-jasotzea, that make the Basque Country unique – and its people natural born competitors.

Episode 3 – Olatu handiak

Mundaka and Roka Puta may be the Basque Country’s most famous waves, but there are also plenty of crazier, lesser-known surf spots in the region – and Natxo is leading the charge on them.

Natxo wears the Xcel COMP X

When Natxo rides giants, he wears body armour underneath his suit. For this he needs as wetsuit with great stretch. He then wears a float vest over the top with a pullcord that inflates the chambers if he gets in a dangerous situation. With all this kit, it hard to not be weighed down. The Comp X is lightweight, super stretchy and ticks the boxes for Natxo’s requirements.

Cutting Edge Technology From Xcel

Xcel make wetsuits for all water temperatures and conditions from Hawaii to the Arctic Circle. Patented Celliant technology helps XCEL offer a unique unrivalled performance over its competition. Maybe this is why XCEL is a Three-time Wetsuit Of The Year winner.

Photo: Jon Aspuru