In the right place at the right time. 

Sometimes you rock up at the beach and almost accidentally or unintentionally fortune smiles upon you and everything lines up for that perfect moment.

Unfortunately, we can’t win the win every time we play the game but we can improve our chances.

Edouard spotted a good window where the forecasts looked perfect for the week. Instead of relying on good fortune, he upped his chances by being there for the whole week.

Six days, nine surfs and one objective – the perfect moment (6-9-1)

Photos and video by Falling Angels / Comptoir du Surf

Edouard wears the Xcel Comp X

The Comp X is the top of the range suit in the series and offers a host of upgrades including an upgraded Japanese Limestone neoprene which is lighter, softer and provides better insulation. The lining is TDC which once against the skin is medically proven to increase blood flow, boosting performance, energy and speeds up muscle recovery. These materials give you a wetsuit that offers more warmth from a thinner material which in turn has more stretch. The Comp X is produced with performance in mind, you get one piece panel on the front and back with minimal seams.

Less seams = More Stretch

Comp X Features
Japanese Limestone Nanoprene = Lighter, Softer, Warmer

TDC Neck to Ankle (Thermo Drying Celliant) = Warm, Light Smart Fiber

Water Tight Zipper & Magnetic Closure = Keeps Water Out

Quick Dry Fibers = Stay Dryer and Lighter

Engineered Design = Fits Like a Second Skin

New Fusion X Tape = Seam Protection

Nexskin Wrist & Ankles = Locks Water Out

Glide Skin Collar = Prevents Flushing

Back Knee Flex Grooves = Prevents Bunching

One Piece Front & Back = Unrivaled Comfort

10% Ultra Stretch = True Performance

Dope Dye = Eco-Friendly Anti Fade