is a short story of a group of friends who grew up in Hawaii. During the long flat summer, the crew decided to take a trip south. While most surfers are heading to Indo, Fiji or Tahiti during this time of year, our crew decided to go further. Far on New Zealand’s southern island, the gang runs into many things working against them. From angry locals, iceberg lakes and no idea where to go, they do there best to capture the raw beauty of the place whilst keeping the laughs going the whole time.

“It’s almost like a different world down there,” said Albee Layer, who’s spent the last few months doing anything he can to land somewhere different. “I’d been to New Zealand before, but never to the South Island.”
“There are a few surfers down there, but not many,” added Hank Gaskell, who along with Maui’s Kain Daly, decided to join Layer’s mission. “I think it’s home to the friendliest people in the world. Every time we rolled into a town, people were so nice and inviting. It was rad.”

Empty lineups, happy humans — that’s the kind of stuff that makes surf tripping great. But there’s always a catch.  Its off-the-beaten-path location, scoring epic surf on the South Island takes work. A lot of work!


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